The Techfun concept 

Techfun specialises in designing and installing high-adrenaline aerial and downhill leisure facilities. Installations can be both indoors and outdoors.

At Techfun we enable our customers to increase the appeal of their tourist attractions by introducing and running economically profitable leisure activities.

Our vision :

We want to give your customers unique,safe, adrenaline-fuelled experiences that take them to new heights.

Our mission :

To increase the attractiveness of tourist locations and diversify their appeal by building exciting, economically profitable and environmentally friendly leisure facilities.

Our solution :

Creating turnkey products from masterplan to completion, working with tourism engineering partners who incorporate the social, economic and emotional dimensions right through to the marketing stage. 

 Our strengths :

Innovating, designing and building tailored solutions through our in-house engineering department (7 engineers). We use our own teams of fitters to ensure faultless installation.

Our values :



Surpassing oneself






Techfun is a subsidiary of MND Group and has worldwide reputation.

  • Techfun absorbed - Prisme SAS - since 1 April 2014.